Project 365

>> Saturday, January 2, 2010

I have begun my challenge of posting an image EACH day for 365 days on flickr.  I thought it would force me to get out of my comfort zone and photo things that I may or may not actually want to capture.  I was going to start on New Year's Day-like a lot of people do-but I thought Christmas Eve was a good day to start.  Below are my first nine images since that day.

Number 1-Gering Bakery, Gering, NE

I was going to wait until New Year's Day to begin my 365 project, but I thought I would start on Christmas Eve instead.  I could not think of a better place to start than Gering, NE as this is where I began my love for photography.  I took many photos in this area and studied photography in my art classes at Gering High School.  This photo is of the classic neon sign above the Gering Bakery, a must visit every time we come home!  I highly recommend the "fried cinnamon rolls."  Hopefully we will see some growth in my work from now until I return home NEXT Christmas.

Number 2-Glass Bottle

The 2nd day of this project was pretty difficult as we have had the worst blizzard in years here in Nebraska.  I would go out to take photos of that, but I hate cold weather!  I began to explore my in-laws home for some interesting subjects to photo and this old glass bottle lit up by the outside lights caught my eye.  I am already seeing how difficult this challenge may be.

Number 3-Grandpa

Day 3 of the project and I, once again, was stuck inside with a blizzard outside. This time I had to drive through a blizzard in rural Wyoming to get to my Mother's home in Cheyenne. It was weird that as I was driving with "white knuckles" I thought about my Grandpa and how he would say, "Just keep going and get through this." It was so ironic that when I got to my Mom's, I was drawn to the urn with his remains. There is not texture background, the flag is from Grandpa's funeral.

Day 4-Christmas Lights

This is day 4.  I am tired...stressed out from driving through a blizzard and  this is as good as it gets today!

Day 5-Stanton Nebraska Grain Elevator

I had much more time today to work on the Project 365 challenge.  I traveled to Stanton, NE to watch my son in a basketball tournament and happened to see this amazing grain elevator as I entered town.  Despite being completely overcast the entire trip, as I drove by this building, the sun cooperated and gave it an awesome glow.

Day 6-Neligh Mill @ Night
OK, I am officially addicted to old grain elevators and mills and texture treatments. As I was traveling home from my son's basketball tournament, I thought I would check this old mill out. I loved the way it was lit up in the cold Nebraska winter sky.

Day 7-Snow Light
Our Christmas lights are buried beneath the huge snow drifts in our front yard-giving our bushes an eerie glow.  I thought since I did grain elevator textured photos for the last 2 days, I would attempt something different.  Hopefully I can be a little more creative tomorrow!

Day 8-Snowed In

Wandered around O'Neill today until I found something interesting enough to capture (that I have not captured already).  Found these old trucks covered up in snow by our nasty Christmas blizzard.

Day 9-Lonely Pump House

Thought this was an interesting contrast with the big tree and the tiny pump house under.  Used a couple of various textures. The sun was shining just right off of the tin doors.


Deborah Flowers January 14, 2010 at 12:48 PM  

Wonderful set! I love your use of textures and color, and of course you subjects are always right on!!!