Niobrara State Park

>> Sunday, September 6, 2009

We had our last camping trip of the summer on Labor Day weekend and I shot these around the Niobrara State Park.  I may experiment with some of them later in Photoshop, but I liked the way they turned out without any effects.  I have not decided what photo is my favorite, so I have posted several!  Your comments would be appreciated!

I thought this "dead" sunflower had a lot of character still left in it.

I noticed the crab-apple trees were covered in spider webs and the sun was shining just right through them to make a good shot:
This last photo was the result of my experimentation with the "bulb mode" on my camera.  I saw a vehicle coming down the road, so I opened up the shutter and shot it with my camera mounted on a tripod for about 6 seconds: